Get Additional Mill Capacity and Expertise on Demand

凯时真人娱乐登录Special Metals Corporation, the world's largest and most diversified producer of high-performance nickel-based alloys, offers its resources, expertise and excess capacity to other metals producers for toll work.

Partner With an Industry Leader

Our specialty metals are used in some of the world's most technically demanding industries and applications, including: aerospace, power generation, chemical processing and oil exploration. Special Metals produces nickel alloys in all significant mill forms from large ingots and billets to flat stock, seamless tubing, bar and wire, the latter of which includes core and filler wires for welding products.


Comprehensive Range of Products and Forms

While Special Metals production facilities are ideally suited for nickel-based alloys, we are capable of processing a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys through the same facilities.

About Our Facilities

United States Capabilities

Executive Summary

凯时真人娱乐登录Production facility operations vary by site, but include the melting, remelting, forging, hot rolling and finishing of rod, sheet/strip, plate, tubular products, extrusion, large diameter tube reduction, mechanically alloyed powder manufacture, and by cold strip finishing.

Huntington, West Virginia Capabilities Elkhart, Indiana Capabilities Burnaugh, Kentucky Capabilities Dunkirk, New York Capabilities New Hartford, New York Capabilities

Hereford, England Capabilities

Executive Summary Melting and Forging Hot and Cold Rolling Heat Treatment Contact Us
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