More Than Mission-Critical Metals

凯时真人娱乐登录Special Metals Corporation does more than just invent, develop and make high-performance alloys. We also help our customers manage, maintain and optimize the use of premium metals through a range of mission-critical, value-added services.

Chemical Analysis

Mechanical Testing

凯时真人娱乐登录Physical Testing

Turnkey Mill Processing Capacity

凯时真人娱乐登录Small Volume Specialty Production and Testing


A division of Special Metals Corporation, IncoTest凯时真人娱乐登录 provides independent and confidential contract analysis and turnkey metals testing programs. With facilities in the United Kingdom and United States, customers get instant access to some of the world’s leading experts, facilities and equipment.

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凯时真人娱乐登录Source additional mill processing capacity, on a short-term or long-term basis, with alloy conversion services that help optimize your operation and economics. Available through our manufacturing facilities in Huntington, West Virginia; Dunkirk, New York; New Hartford, New York; Burnaugh, Kentucky; Elkhart, Indiana and Hereford, England.

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Pilot Processing Center

We also offer pilot plant production and testing services that let you experiment with low-volume, specialty metals. Waiving standard mill minimums, customers of this multi-company partnership get faster lead times, lower costs and tailored chemistry to help streamline innovative applications in specialty metals.

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