Special Metals Wiggin Ltd.

The Birth of Special Metals

We trace our roots back to Sir Henry Wiggin in the 1800's, who founded Henry Wiggin & Company and began making specialty alloys. During World War II, the Wiggin research team was responsible for the vital alloys needed to produce gas turbine engines.


The company is located in Hereford, England and is the major European production facility in the Special Metals group.


凯时真人娱乐登录Using air and vacuum melting, vacuum arc and electroslag remelting, powder metallurgy, forging, extrusion, hot and cold rolling and cold drawing, Wiggin Limited makes a comprehensive range of nickel alloys in most standard wrought forms.


凯时真人娱乐登录Wiggin Limited produces ingot, billet and bar, extruded sections, pipe and tube, flat products (plate, sheet, and foil) and wire.

Quality Management

Systems at Hereford are certificated to ISO9001:2015 and the testing laboratories are accredited by UKAS. Approvals from individual customers include those from Aérospatiale, ASEA-ATOM, British Nuclear Fuels plc, DCAN, Fiat Aviazione SpA, MTU GmbH, Rolls Royce plc, SNECMA, Statoil and VdTÜV.

Superior products and services

Special Metals brings the leading names in metal together for extensive capabilities, products and services you won’t find anywhere else.

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