Tech Processing Center

Strength Through Partnership

The PCC Energy Pilot Processing Division provides small-volume specialized alloy production and testing services through the Technology Processing Center of Special Metals Corporation and the Henderson Technical Laboratory of TIMET Corporation.

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Leading Mill Capabilities

凯时真人娱乐登录TPC and HTL are two of the most highly equipped pilot plant facilities in the world for the melting and conversion of custom nickel-, titanium-, cobalt- and iron-based alloys. Both locations work in tandem to deliver high-integrity material production and characterization to universities, national laboratories, corporate R&D centers, distributors and small-volume commercial clients in the aerospace, power generation, nuclear, chemical and manufacturing industries.

Unique Solutions for Mission-critical Needs

凯时真人娱乐登录Special Metals TPC and TIMET HTL are able to offer one-of-a-kind titanium, nickel, cobalt and steel chemistry products that are not available from any other mill producer or distributor. The partnership between these pilot facilities offers joint capability of custom product forms and compositions of 100 g to 500 kg (1 to 1000 lbs). Toll services for conversion of customer-provided material is also available.

Extensive Products and Services

凯时真人娱乐登录Whether your needs revolve around prototyping and material characterization or cold-rolled, extruded tube or high-quality ingot, Special Metals TPC and TIMET HTL help make it possible.

Superior products and services

Special Metals brings the leading names in metal together for extensive capabilities, products and services you won’t find anywhere else.

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